BCM Polished Nickel-Teflon Trigger

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The BCM PNT™ Trigger and PNT™ Hammer are a precision machined Mil-Spec AISI8620 investment casting per the USGI TDP (Mil-Spec) for M16/M4 family of weapons. (not to be confused with MIM parts that are very common in the commercial market). 156/157 holes are honed to assist in perfect alignment and a smooth trigger pull. After that, the BCM PNT™ Trigger and PNT™ Hammer then goes through a 3 step heat treat and case hardening process for optimal grain structure alignment, yielding a stronger and more wear resistance product. The sear engagement surfaces are ground, but then hand polished for an increased smoothness and reduction in friction up to 300% beyond the Mil-Spec. An electroless nickel finish is applied for a smoother trigger pull with less ‘grit’ and reduced felt ‘creep’. Nickel also provides a long lasting finish that will not corrode, rust, or discolor due to oxidation.

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