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CMC's innovative, self-contained and easy-to-install AR-15 trigger groups, have been completely re-tooled to maximize production capacities, incorporate new design enhancements and reduce costs. Thanks to CMC's multi-patented designs, a fine match grade trigger pull is now an extremely simple upgrade to implement. Install the fully self-contained, ready-to-go trigger group, safety check, and it's done. Your ready to go to the range.

This AR-15 drop-in single-stage trigger from CMC Triggers is a superb option for anyone looking to help shrink group sizes and increase accuracy. This non-adjustable preset trigger features a single stage break of approximately 3.5 to 4 lbs. It is designed to work with MIL-SPEC lower AR-15, AR-10 and LR-308 receivers with a .154" trigger and hammer pin hole (small pin). The CMC trigger requires no gunsmithing and can be installed in just a few short minutes.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: 91503
CMC AR-15 Drop-In Single Stage Flat Trigger 3.5-4 lbs Black
Material: 8620 Alloy Steel And S7 Tool Steel
Trigger Type: Single-Stage Match Trigger
Trigger Profile: Flat
Trigger Pull Weight: Preset To Approximately 3.5 To 4 lbs
Color: Matte Black

AR-15/AR-10/LR-308 .154" pin trigger/hammer pins (small pin)

Note: Not recommended for use in conjunction with 5.45x39 upper assemblies.Some 308 AR's may require a heavier trigger pull to ensure proper functionality 

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