King Armory KA-1222A

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Designed to offer our well-known recoil reduction and flash suppression in a package the same weight as the A2 'birdcage' suppressor. This allows the operator to have both benefits in one package without extra weight or marginal performance. Lightweight (only 59 grams) and durable, the KA-1222A will handle extended periods of semi or full automatic fire easily. For full-automatic carbines, the 30-40% recoil reduction allows more accurate shot placement even at higher cyclic rates. The KA-1222A utilizes KA's controlled-turbulence design and '6/45' porting layout to keep the sight picture clear and reduce muzzle flash, even during full-automatic fire. It has KA's special port design which quickly cools and diffuses escaping gases and shifts them from the white/yellow end of the spectrum to the red/infrared range which is a lot less detrimental to low-light vision. The KA-1222A is optimal for full-auto weapon systems where the recoil reduction of a muzzle brake is advantageous, but the excessive muzzle flash caused by one is not. Installs easily on 1/2"x28 threaded barrels using a standard A2 crush washer (sold separately).
The KA-1222A offers several innovations which makes it the best rifle brake/suppressor attachment on the market today:

Excellent flash suppression for maintaining low-light vision
Recoil reduction for quicker follow-up shots
Extremely lightweight yet nearly indestructible

Weight: 59 grams
Overall length: 2.250"
Added length to barrel: 1.562" (apx)
Width: .740"
Finish: NITRIDE (new for 2014)
Material: 4140CM (416P70 SS on special edition)
Hardness: 44HRC through-hardened, 65+HRC nitride coating
Introduced: 2007
Current generation: 3rd
Failure/defect rate: 0.00%

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